Having Costume Manager's assistance has been a breath of fresh air! No more chasing people down to collect money, no more making sure I have ordered the right size and the right quantity. It has saved me countless hours and stress. I was very nervous at first about how my parents would perceive this new way of doing things and so far I haven't heard one complaint! Parents have caught on quickly and actually think they feel more comfortable ordering themselves then handing me over hundred's of dollars.  Customer Service is amazing and always on the ball with any issue that may arise. I was also scared when I was learning how to use the website and a little on edge, but after a few short months I am feeling more and more comfortable working it, and love getting checks in the mail with little to no work! I was also able to instill a dress code which I was also nervous about. Parents seem to be loving it and well as the students! I no longer have to worry my 7 year olds coming in with teeny booty shorts and a sports bra! Everyone is dressed appropriately which says a lot for my little dance studio. I am loving Costume Manager and so glad that they are here to support me and my business! I would recommend them to any dance studio who wants to save endless hours of their time while earning an extra paycheck!
I value Costume Manager very much! For me, it's a great way to profit off recital and it really is in the parent's hands at the end of the day. It's so nice not having to worry about ordering everything yourself.  I appreciate that they have different costumes every year and a wide variety to choose from. Most of all I appreciate their customer service with me! 
October 3, 2016
Missy Morelli
Arvada, CO
From the time the FedEx man walked into the door it took me less than 5 minutes to open the box, sort the costumes by class, and get back to what I was doing. THANK YOU Costume Manager for making my life easier! The PEAK School of Dance sure appreciates all your hard work!
March 14, 2016
Kelsey Burke
The PEAK School of Dance
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 623-5805
I can’t even begin to explain how amazing costume manager is!! Like all studio owners, life is BUSY! I use to dread the months of November and December knowing I had to order costumes for recital with everything else I had going on. The amount of time it has saved me is enough for me to recommend it to others, but it also has provided me with extra income as well. The parents love ordering their dance-wear online with costume manager’s storefront, and I do to! I do not have to spend any money and have inventory at the studio. The staff at Costume Manager is also great to work with. Georgia is always there to help and answer any questions. It has increased revenue for my studio, provided more organization, and given me peace of mind.

Thanks Costume Manager!! 

Lindsey Claire Muse Hutchins
Artistic Director/Owner 
Lindsey Claire Dance Company
December 14, 2015
Lindsey Claire
Lindsey Claire Dance Company
Jackson, MS
(601) 398-3786

Costume Manager has been awesome! When we inadvertently ordered partial costumes instead of complete ones they worked with the manufacturer and helped us to resolve the issue. Sarah was incredible to work with, she listened to our issues and always did exactly what she promised to do. When she said we could expect a call or email we got one. The president of Costume Manager even got involved and called the manufacturer on our behalf. If we had not worked with costume manager I know we would not have had the positive outcome that we experienced, especially 10 days before our recital photos!

Westwoods Center of Performing Arts, Arvada Colorado

April 22, 2015
Missy Morelli
Westwoods Center of Performing Arts
Arvada, Colorado
(303) 467-0334
Wow! That is ridiculously early to be doing business no? Geez people were NOT kidding about the level of customer service you guys provide! It's amazing!
August 21, 2014
Stephanie Delaurier
Owner/Artistic Director
Step 'N Sound Dance
Iroquois Falls, ON Canada
(705) 465-0632
We have NEVER had this much Hip Hop attire purchased before and the 2 packs for leotards and tights have been a huge hit. We have had a lot of compliments on this season for ordering directions and reminders. On top of having our wall (virtual dance boutique) set up, we sent out several emails and even passed out a "How to Order online 3 step direction sheet" on the back of the class poster. These are given out as someone is registering at the front desk and we gave them out again to all the students their first week of class.
The shoe kits have been great and it has been so cute to see so many of the little ones in their little pink, blue or purple tutus. The sample in the lobby really did the trick. We hope to continue the momentum with dance wear ordering over the next few weeks. Looking forward to having Revolution back for costumes.
August 13, 2014
Samantha Gobeille
Owner/Artistic Director
Arizona Dance Artistry
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 314-8033
We just wanted to thank you for your great costumes!  After being nervous about ordering ourselves for the first time, your measurement guidelines were great..everything fit.  They are all lovely costumes and you have kept us up to date on shipments.  We really appreciate all your efforts. Again, Thank You!
April 8, 2014
Kim Douglas
Dance Parent
UpTown! Music and Dance
Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada
Costume Manager has worked so well for our customers and they are loving it. It has saved me so much time!
February 3, 2014
Miss Elizabeth
Fancy Feet Dance Academy
Sacramento, CA
(916) 451-4900
Cindy and her team at Costume Manager made one of the toughest jobs for a studio owner a breeze. With 34 years of ordering several thousand costumes each year, for two locations, we were hesitant to try Costume Manager. But Cindy went above and beyond to make sure that our staff, and every one of our parents were satisfied. From parent questions on ordering to sizing and beyond, Cindy was a total professional and juggled it all with ease. I also inadvertently left off an order of tutus and only requested bodices, thinking the both parts of the costume came together--completely my fault--and Cindy magically had the tutus appear in the exact color needed, before our show deadline, and under budget. With service provided by Cindy, we have converted to Costume Manager and look forward to our second season
with your team. 

August 22, 2013
J. Paige Chambers Rutsche
Chambers Performing Arts
Alpharetta and Suwanee, GA
I just wanted to thank you for providing such amazing customer service. Besides being prompt with all your emails and answers to phone calls, you have been so pleasant and at the same time very clear. Additionally, you were patient when I had to ask the same question over again. Kudos to you and Costume Manager! When I had to change the size of all 7 costumes at the eleventh hour, you called around to each of the vendors to acquire the right small task.

So thanks for your help and getting Cami going in the right outfit! You so need and deserve recognition so hope you pass this along!

It's such a rare thing to find great customer service anymore. 

Loyal Fan of CM,
Sharron Walters

May 28, 2013
Sharron Walters
Parent of Dancer
Dance Academy USA
Campbell, CA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Costume Manager. THANK YOU for the professional, courteous, above and beyond, go the extra mile work ethic you provide, not only for us as the staff of a studio, but to our treasured families who call or email you directly! Having your services as "middle man" have been invaluable. You have given us peace of mind with kindness in quick resolutions of even last minute needs or corrections. THANK YOU.
Beeda ~

May 10, 2013
Beeda (Brenda) DeCock
Costume Mistress
Hosanna Dance Studio
Eugene, OR

Thank you for saving us hours of time, money, and stress this year! Working with you has been one of the best decisions we have made so far :)

The teachers at my studio are so thrilled with your company...You are doing an amazing job and we will certainly be back next year!
April 9, 2013
Tina McMurray
The Dance Studio
Le Mars and Sheldon, Iowa

Thank you for making my recital season easy for me!  I was recently interviewed in Dance Teacher Magazine for the February issue for Studio Owners under 40. I mentioned how using Costume Manager has been a break through for us in saving time and money.  Thank you for all you do, it is so apparent when a company truly GETS it :)

I love the easy to use ordering system you have which allows me to order my girls dance clothes with ease!

January 29, 2013
Elena Behnam
Dancer's Parent
Tracy, CA
Thank you so much! Your staff is so great and I am so appreciative for your services! I am recommending you to other studios and really hope that they listen to my advice! Your company is hands down the most innovative thing that has ever happened to this industry!!! Thanks again for serving my families, teachers, and for benefiting our business on so many levels!!!

January 15, 2013
Kindra Kutz
Aledo Dance Academy
Fort Worth, TX

I just wanted to thank you and your staff...especially Cindy for all of your help this season!! We could not have had such a smooth recital without your company's halp with costumes. We were missing a few accessories and had some costumes that didn't fit. You guys took care of everything. This is our fourth recital using and I will DEFINITELY use your company for years to come :)


Thank you,

Cristina O'Connell


December 11, 2012
Cristina O'Connell
Studio Owner
On Pointe Dance Studio
Norco, CA
(951) 738-9085

I wanted to compliment you guys on a job well done. I had several mothers in the office last night saying how kind, efficient and very helpful costume manager has been. It's been such a relief to have this part of my job handled by you guys and to have my parents happy with the change is awesome! Thank you!

Rachael S Allison
West Main Studios

For a dance studio, Costume Manager is to Costumes what i-pods are to music...

November 14, 2012
Studio Owner
East Dance Studios
Winchendon & Ashburnham MA

Costume manager is a God send !! …We LOVE your company and so do our parents. The end result is (a) fabulous product & our work load is greatly reduced!! Your customer service ROCKS and Loree as well as yourself are fabulous! Thank you thank you. !! THANK YOU'

Rachael S Allison
West Main Studios

Madison, AL

November 14, 2012
Rachael S Allison
West Main Studios
Madison, AL

This week we handed out our costume sheets to parents for our June Recital. I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to for making the lives of my staff so much less stressful! We are starting our 4th year with CM and could not be happier! It was the best decision I could have ever made regarding costume ordering for our studio. Thank you for this amazing service and for the fantastic customer service you offer!

October 19, 2012
Shannon Wilson
Studio Owner
Westwoods Center of Performing Arts
Arvada, CO
"This year was the first year that we switched from the traditional way of sizing, ordering, sorting, and worrying of costumes to the MUCH more user friendly 'keep my sanity' way that Costume Manager does costumes. All jokes aside, between sizing, ordering, and sorting costumes, we use to spend about 15 hours IN ADDITION to the time that we spent chasing people who hadn't picked up there costumes. Costume Manager has saved us AT LEAST 15 long pain staking hours of tedious work. The biggest added bonus is the CostumeManager also has a customer service department that deals specifically with costume issues so that I don't have to. I can concentrate on my business instead. I have already recommended Costume Manager to other studio friends of mine and will continue to recommend you to everyone I can. I couldn't be more THRILLED! ".
June 11, 2012
Michael Arnoid
School Director
Elite Dance
(985) 809-1580
"It is hard for me to put into words how has helped my business this year.

Obviously, costumes are an essential part of the performing experience, but I always feel that some how I end up loosing time and money on them. I either am having to pay out of pocket because I feel bad for the student who's mom promises to pay, but never does or I am in the back sorting through costumes praying that I ordered all the right sizes for each costume.

With all of that goes away. The financial burden goes back on the parent and all the costumes come labeled. My recital is a week from Saturday and the stress about costumes is not there!

All I have to say is THANK YOU!

With regards to the costume companies that will not participate, it is a shame. All of the companies that you listed below I really like to use, especially for the 2-in-1 costumes. I will however look at other companies to use. I am very interested in why they choose not to participate.

Thanks for all that you do!".
May 31, 2012
Sarah Nave
Dream Performing Arts, LLC
"Hi Paul, I just wanted to let everyone know how much we liked Costume Manager. I have had a studio for 40 years. I have always hated ordering costumes. It takes so much work!!! Everyone at Costume Manager was really nice and helpful. I got all of our costumes ordered in one weekend. I was worried that it would cost my customers more, but I did not have one complaint. We used to try and make the financial impact of costumes easier for our customers by collecting a deposit in Nov and then another in Jan with the final payment due in April. This was all very hard to keep track of. If students dropped or added classes or started later, everything had to be adjusted. ( a bookkeeping nightmare) It turns out they didn't like this method that much. When I recently sent out a "how are we doing survey", one thing that people did not like was being charged different amounts throughout the year. So with Costume Manager they all handled it themselves and I didn't have to use my credit card, yeah!!! We also found that we were able to keep adding students much later into the year, especially to our little ones classes . We would just hand them their class code flyer with their registration and they took care of the costumes. One other benefit was that I used some companies that I had liked but avoided due to bad customer service. So that was nice. ".                 
May 23, 2012
Ann Peters
Owner Dance Workshop
Minden, NV
"EMC has been very happy with the service provided by this year.
The staff was very professional and easy to work with. They were quick to respond to any question and helpful to rectify any issues that arose. The website was fairly easy to set up for our customers to order the desired costumes for the EMC show. We had very few issues where EMC customers came to EMC staff for help and when they did, the staff at took care of the issue quickly.
Using saved so much manual labor time for EMC’s Costume Staff due to the excellent organization of the costumes as they arrived to our studio. EMC will continue to use and if there are certain manufacturers that choose not to participate, then sadly, EMC will probably not be able to purchase their costumes.
Additional comments from EMC’s costume manager who received and organized all of the costumes as they arrived to the studio:
Costumes were organized well with class, dance name, dance style, and students' names. Packing slip always matched what was in the box. Since this was our first year, I had several questions, and they answered every one of them very quickly, clearly, and kindly."                 
May 23, 2012
Kim Matthews
Experimental Movement Concepts
New Freedom, PA
"I just want to tell you how happy I am using Costumemanager for my dance studio. I especially want to give big praise to Sarah for her fantastic customer service. She took care of all my needs and then some. Just wanted to give you my two cents about Sarah and say "Thank you".                 
May 22, 2012
Elaine McCarthy
Elaine’s Dance Studio.
Santa Cruz, CA
"THANK YOU SOOO much. This has been a really swift and wonderful experience working with Costume Manager. We at Hosanna are all SO impressed and so thankful for your company and hope that all of the costume companies realize how great an asset it is to have you as a middle man! THANK YOU THANK YOU!"
May 18, 2012
Brenda DeCock
Hosanna Dance
Eugene, OR
"As a studio owner running over 100 classes weekly, teaching twice a week and raising two young daughters, I have found the service that Costume Manager offers to be unparalled to any other. Not only does it save me and my staff oodles of time, but it also means that I don't get stuck paying for all those mid-season drop outs which can really add up. Having used Costume Manager for the past two seasons, I would never go back. I spread the word all the time to other studio owners and many of them were so excited to look into this option. I did order a few costumes myself from other companies that were not listed on Costume Manager and had nothing but problems paying outrageously high duty fees. I would love to see all costume companies make the commitment to sign up and make our lives easier!

A satisfied client"                 
May 17, 2012
Priscilla Campos
Co-Owner/Artistic Director Dance Soul Inc.
Stony Plain Alberta Canada
"I have small studio, about 200 students, and have always had the troubles that are involved with ordering costumes. First of all I would spend hours making sure every costume was ordered, calculating sizes and then go over this information again and again-what if I forgot to order just one costume, then what? Then there were always those parents who wait and wait to pay, why should I have to be the one carrying that bill on my credit card?
I was skeptical about using Costume Manager at first. I was concerned that parents wouldn't place the order by the deadline but I was able to track that information and send out emails and I didn't have to pay for the costumes myself! It was so nice and easy!
The costumes arrive all packaged with the dancers names on them and I didn't have to spend hours on hold with companies days before I needed costumes trying to figure out where my costumes were! (You know what I'm talking about). We had all our costumes before pictures and I am thrilled!
Everyone is very friendly and helpful at Costume Manager and I wish that all costume companies would participate. To tell you the truth even my favorite costume companies will unfortunately lose my business if I'm not able to order their costumes through Costume Manager. That's how much I love it, and I've only used it one year!
I don't use it for everyday dancewear but I recommend it to any studio looking to lightened the load! Thank you for taking the time to help out studios in the costume area, a headache for many up until now."                 
May 16, 2012
Shawna Seale
Footnotes Dance & Fitness.
Lewiston Idaho
"Costume Manager not only made our ordering process incredibly east, but they also managed potentially difficult situations flawlessly. The time and care they took to make sure my company received the best service has not gone unnoticed! Thanks Costume Manger! "
May 15, 2012
Melissa Curling
Owner & Director of District Dance Company.
Germantown, MD
"I would like to say that we were very pleased with your company this year! This is our first year in business and have had nothing but wonderful things to say. I have found it much easier to put the resposibility back on the parents, instead of the studio and teachers, to get things done. It was super easy for us this year to measure and not have to guess at sizing charts for different manufacturers. We were very pleased with the customer service we received through our season. It has been a joy to use your company! As far as this coming season it has been wonderful getting the help to set up our classes/schedules since we have changes! Thank you for all your help and service, keep it up!"                 
May 14, 2012
Kiirsttnae Herman
Director, Spearfish Dance Expressions.
"I love They have made my life as a studio owner so much easier. Their customer service is great and I think that any costume company not with them is going to lose out. I only order costumes through them. why should I have to do the ordering and sorting of costumes that takes countless hours if they are willing to provide such a great service. I have seen & liked costumes from other companies not associated with them and not ordered them b/c of the ease of dealing with costume manager.
Thank you for all you do. I hope Revolution stays with you b/c they are my favorite costume company! If there is anything else we can do as studio owners to help them stay please let me know Thanks,"                 
May 14, 2012
Miss Amanda
Owner/Director of Armetta's Grand Jete Studio of Dance LLC.
17 E. Main St. Macungie
"As a studio owner who struggles with making a dance school an actual thriving business, instead of a money pit, Costume Manager has been a revelation! There is never any question as to whether I "broke even" on the costumes for our big show. I receive the check in the mail each month. What a relief!
The customer service has always come through for us too. Even with those last minute panics about some forgotten costume piece, our Costume Manager rep has always been there for us.
I did find that our customers were a little taken back at first, because they were used to being babied by the studio. But, one of the other fringe benefits of using Costume Manager is that the student families are invested in the show. Since they are "active" participants in the purchase of the costume, there is no claim later that, "We had no idea that the show was on June 19th!" We are very happy with our decision to use Costume Manager.
Yes, you may use my name and studio name in any way you want to. thanks Paul"                 
May 14, 2012
Elaine Pinto
Dance Attack in Los Gatos and Sunnyvale, California.
"Costume Manager is a wonderful service that I highly recommend to any studio owner. What I loved the most is that parents get to pay Costume Manager directly for each costume or prodcut they order. This means that my administration staff doesn't have to waste time collecting money and making follow up emails or phone calls. It also means we don't get stuck with costumes for kids that quit mid season or caught paying for families who refuse to clear up their accounts. I loved the extra time I saved and used that time to further develop my studio and spend more time with my one year old daughter. I am happily spreading the word here in Canada, can't wait until Costume Manager forges even more relationships with all the costume vendors."
Sincerely Priscilla Campos
Studio Owner
Dance Soul Inc.
Alberta Canada
"I have to say I was BEYOND thrilled with the service. Paul and his staff are prompt, friendly, organized, and professional. All of our orders arrived on time, labeled in boxes by class. There were no errors or mistakes, and for the first time as a studio owner I actually made a profit on my recital costumes. No leftover costumes, no unpaid for orders, no mistakes made by us when we placed our orders, no missing costumes, no more hours and hours of choosing sizes for my students, filling out online or paper order forms, and best of all NO STRESS.

Believe me when I tell you this service is going to revolutionize the dance studio industry once the word gets out and other studio owners catch on. More and more young studio owners like myself are utilizing online technology with our businesses, online registration, online ticket sales, etc. Costume Manager is by far the most efficient method of ordering costumes we have ever experienced. "
Erin Sanfelippo
Star Dance Center
Newhall, CA
"The monthly profit checks are so welcome, but it was an actual shock to see that grand total for the year on a 1099 from Costume Manager! It is such a pleasure to have a system for costumes that I don't have to wonder if I actually "broke even" or not. I also appreciate how responsive Sarah is. In those last few weeks before the show, when those emergency issues come up, she has always managed to perform miracles. Also, it is so easy to just open the box from CostumeManager and hand out costumes."
Elaine Pinto (3rd season with
Dance Attack
Los Gatos, CA
"March 2012-Thanks for starting costume manager! I wish I would have used you guys earlier. This is our 1st year with you and I'm so happy!!! "
Amanda Armetta~Gring
Armetta’s Grand Jete Studio of Dance
Macungie, PA
"Imagine not having to wonder if you are actually going to profit on your costumes this year. I just received my first shipment from The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a check made out to me! All I did was select the costumes, assign them to the class, and give the students the Costume Worksheet. took care of everything else."
Elaine Pinto
Dance Attack
Los Gatos, CA
"March 2012-We are users of your site and are absolutely thrilled with the service… thank you for your creation and implementation of Costume Manager! We Love It and Our parents LOVE IT! "
Toni Robinson
Island School of Performing Arts, Inc.
Gulfport, MS

"My studio had their first recital this weekend and everything went soooo well, using for ALL of our costume needs helped eliminate a lot of stress. We received all of our costumes in a very timely manner, any issues were resolved by your staff immediately and all of the costumes looked fabulous on stage. Thank you Paul Henderson,Sarah DeGroat Cm-Tda and the rest of the staff..On Pointe Dance Studio will definitely continue to use"

Cristina O’Connell
On Pointe Dance Studio
Norco, CA
"Costume Manager has been a life saver. This time last year I was at maximum stress level trying to deal with customer service reps on the phone. I didn't receive some of our costumes until the morning of our recital and then they were not the correct size because I was so desperate I told them to send me whatever sizes they had. It was crazy. I do not have any of that stress this year. It is amazing!!! Costume Manager has been so great at answering my questions and doing so quickly and just overall taking care of me."
Tiffany Glover
The Dance Gallery of Pikeville
Pikeville, KY
"Whenever I have a question or concern about a costume or an exchange I just call one company. I don’t need to call the costume companies anymore. I can call CM and get all my questions answered immediately!"
Leah Webber
Tiffany’s Dance Academy of South San Francisco
South San Francisco, CA was a God-send this year! Not only did all of our costumes come in on time, but they also dealt with all of our more demanding parents - talk about stress relief! On top of that, it was so nice to receive commission checks. I'm sure we used to make money off of costumes, but to easily track that information now is just awesome. Thanks!

Hannah Pasquinzo
The Art of Motion, Inc
Fayetteville, AR
" Saves The Day Again: They were able to locate an out-of-production costume that was desperately needed to complete a routine for our eighth recital. We had a very heartbroken dancer on our hands -- everyone is absolutely thrilled that Makenzie can now be in the routine and beautifully costumed, thanks to's above and beyond efforts. KEDA L♥VES CM.COM!"
"As a first-year dance studio owner, has been a tremendous help to me!! Not only have they made costume ordering a breeze, staff members have gone above and beyond to make this a stress free process. Even beyond ordering costumes, they (CM Staff) have helped in every aspect of getting my first recital in order. I can't even imagine what recital time would be like without their help. Instead of worrying about tedious details, I am about to enjoy teaching and preparing my students for our first recital!"
Cristina O'Connell
On Pointe Dance Studio
Norco, CA
"Loree, Sarah and the rest of CostumeManager's staff have been a lifesavers this season! It was our first year using CostumeManager and I plan on continuing to do so in the years to come. Being pregnant for most of the dance year and now having a newborn (5 1/2 weeks old) it has been a pleasure to not have the stress of hunting parents down for costume money, obsess over the ordering details and deal with costume companies directly waiting on hold for hours at a time! Once the costumes were picked out, assigned to classes and worksheets were handed out, my job was done and the waiting game of the costumes arriving began. All of the boxes were delivered on time and clearly labeled with the contents inside and each costume came individually bagged and assigned to a dancer. My only job was bring the box to the studio and distribute! The sheets inside each costume also have directions directly to the recital facility from that dancers house! Yet another added bonus! Any questions I had were answered in a timely fashion and all of the issues we had were taken care of with minimal effort on my part! It could have been a stressful year but thanks to CostumeManager I was able to enjoy my business, pregnancy and now my little man without the stresses of costume ordering. Thank you costumemanager!"
Miss Danielle
Starstruck Dance Academy
Ocean View, NJ
"Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy (KEDA) loves! It's one of the best things that happened to us! THANKS for the great customer service, too!"
Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy (KEDA)
"Heck yeah we’ll be using again! In fact, Miss Crystal (the owner of our studio) is assigning a dress code to the classes and suggesting to everyone to purchase their leotards/tights from you guys. That's just for starters..." 
Diane Swirka
Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy
Port Orange, FL
"CostumeManager has been a great asset to us during our craziest time of year! It is so nice to go into recital with less stress and more time to focus on our show instead of costumes, exchanges, sizing, payments etc... We have been very pleased - from selection of costumes to the excellent customer service. We will absolutely continue to use CostumeManager in the future. Thank you for helping our studio "dance more & work less!" P.S. My husband is so happy that I am no longer crazy recital wife!"
Rachel Turnage
Pointe of Dance Studio
Oakdale, CA
"As a new studio owner, I haven't experienced the daunting tasks of collecting deposits and balances on costume orders and with, I haven't had to! I can't afford the risk of putting orders on my own credit cards and hoping that parents would follow through with their payments, so Costume Manager has been fantastic for that. I can just imagine how many countless hours I have saved by not having to write down costume order numbers and having it all readily available online. I also love getting my commission cheques in the mail! I would recommend to any studio looking into making their life easier each year."
Brynn Girard
Xtreme Danceworks
Windsor, Ontario Canada
"We tried Costume Manager as a test with a few of our classes in order to get a true sense of the process, time, and our customers response. We are happy to say that everything that was discussed in the very beginning from the ordering process to our customer’s response to the actual deliveries went without a hitch. We will definitely look to doing more through Costume Manager in the following year. Next year, we will add up the time saved!"
John Fagan
Jo’s Footwork Studio
Western Springs, IL
"Using Costume Manager this year was amazing. We only asked our Competition Team to use the system this year, but next year we hope to ask the whole studio. I loved how the costumes came already bagged with the child's name attached. Our costumes have to come through the (Canadian/American) border and because of the way you sent them we paid very little duty. I am very satisfied with the whole process.

Thank you so much!"                 
Debbie Tomaino
Dance Express Inc.
Vancouver, BC Canada
"I don’t know how we ever managed before I don’t have to collect money, file orders, order costumes, sort costumes. None of that! All I do is assign costumes to classes and hand out pre-sorted costumes to my students. is like a virtual costume manager. They’ve never been late delivering a costume and I always know when my costumes will arrive."
Christie Stong
Tiffany’s Dance Academy
Costa Mesa, CA
"Dress rehearsals for our Spring Shows are in full swing, and as I look at all the dancers in their beautiful tutu's I am truly grateful for Costume Manager!! Using CM allowed me to focus on what truly matters--the dancers. Each costume came labeled with the dancers name and already separated by class. I simply opened the box, handed them out, and listened as the dancers exclaim with delight while trying them on. Costume Manager made the costume process easy and fun."
Polly Sutton
Contemporary Dance Academy
Fort Collins, Colorado
"Costume Manager has been an incredible asset to our dance studio. No more collecting costume money from parents, sizing the students, filling out long costume order forms, and sorting through boxes of costumes at the most stressful time of the year! We have saved a ton of time at the studio using Costume Manager and saved money too! No more paying for exchanges or overnight last minute shipping! Loree and Sarah are always very helpful and they are a great company! I highly recommend them!"
2010-11 Season Erin Sanfelippo – 2nd season with
Star Dance Center
Newhall, CA
"I just wanted to thank you again for everything you, LoRee and countless others did these last 5 months to make this whole process work so well for me. This was a very difficult year for me personally and for my business and it was a welcome and refreshing change to have such a supportive and professional company alleviating one of my stress factors. Thanks again! I look forward to working with you again in the upcoming season!"
Deanna Frederickson
Dance Mode Studio
"Working with this year (2010-11) was amazing. From the ease of ordering to the helpful costumer service, it made costumes much less of a draining process. I highly recommend for Studio owners."
Shauna Ayars Junek
The Dance Company Spearfish
Spearfish, SD
"I have to say as a studio owner who handled the costumes in the past, I am forever grateful to you guys at CM! You were patient with me during my own learning curve as well as extremely helpful to my parents last year as a first time user. This year 90% of my parents ordered on time and the others who didn't understood, but you were sure to get it to them earlier than was promised to you by the costume companies. Any issues that would arise, you IMMEDIATELY contacted me with an alternative solution.
Our ONE parent who just ordered (a month ago!) our dancers' 2 costumes received 1 costume 2 weeks before anticipated and upon finding out that the 2nd costume was unavailable, you went out of your way to try getting the material from the costume company so our seamstress can create the costume. I wanted to let you know how happy I am as a studio owner.
I feel since I met with each of my dancers and their parents to explain the ( process, they were more aware of the process and the fact that there are only so many costume companies that are catering to the thousands of dance studios. They ordered when they were supposed to. In turn, my parents are very happy with you as well. So, thanks...for all you've done and are doing! Can't wait to post our pictures (on the CM facebook page)!"
Deanna Frederickson
Dance Mode Studio
San Carlos, CA
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